Monday, Aug 26 2013

Posterior/Speed Week 4

12 minutes 

Even Minutes - 3-5 Dead Lifts @ 80% of 1RM (Only do 4 to 5 if your bar speed & form remains perfect)

If you have a Max that is MEN- 2 x BW or LADIES 1.5 x BW then these are dynamic Deads- Drop from top- 

Odd Minutes- 3 Vertical Jumps into 3 Broad Jumps(Outside)

Jump as high as you can 3x consecutively directly into 3 consecutive broad jumps for MAX distance- JUMP HARD LAND SOFT

If jumping high or long is not your thing.....7 Slam Balls AHAP


5 Rounds each for time

Sled Drag Sprint 

Men 135# Women 90#

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets 

Not a baby pic....But Leaha Kickin ass is just as good